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SEO Solutions That You Can Use

It is true that search engine optimization is a must for all websites. In order to make a website available to the users and to ensure that they are being used by them conveniently, it is necessary to bring them to a search engine optimizer. But the fact is that it is not always so easy to get a website optimized for the search engines. There are many incidents when a website is unable to get itself optimized despite of using the best search engine optimization technique. In such situations it is important to use search engine optimization solutions or better known as SEO solutions that help in the optimization process.

SEO solutions are offered by several websites Online. These websites offer various solutions for better optimization of the websites, but not all of them are equally effective. Just in case you are serious about your search engine optimization and wish to utilize a good SEO solution for your website, it is best that you opt for solutions that are effective and show guaranteed results. It is advised that before opting for any of these solutions, you must first take a good survey of its response, service and performance.

Talking about SEO solutions there are two things that dedicatedly make the job of SEO solutions much more easier than what it appears. Keyword research is one of them. No search engine optimization task is complete without the use of keywords. It is the most essential tool of search marketing. When a user comes to the search engine, it is through the keywords that he is able to track your website, be it through organic search or paid search options. Hence websites must conduct a serious research on keywords before submitting their website to the search engines.

The next SEO solution that makes the task of search engine optimisation [] simpler is content optimization. Content is considered to be the kind of the web these days. Hence, in order to optimize a site, it is first necessary to optimize the content of the site and make use of the various content directories to optimize the keywords for which the site is suppose to rank. This makes the process of search engine ranking comparatively easier and faster too.

Web Marketing Solutions

There are a lot of people nowadays that are turning into the world of web marketing as their main source of income. There are those who have made it big in the industry but sad to say, there are also a lot who have failed. So what does it really take to be successful in online or web marketing? Here are three simple web marketing solutions that could serve as your guide.

Do a lot of research. This is a common mistake that most beginners commit. It is either they consider that doing research would be a waste of time or they are overly eager to start making money in their online business that they do not do research at all. Doing research would actually save you precious time. Before setting up your site, take one step back and research about the market that you will go into and take a look at the competition. Time spent on research is actually time well spent as this would minimize your chances of committing mistakes and makes you more prepared.

Love what you do. Being passionate in what you do is very important as this is a true measurement of success. This would make things a lot easier and would not make work stressful but more fun. Also, this is something that potential customers would see. If they see that you are so passionate about your business, they would know that what you offer has good quality and it would increase your chances of having a sale. So not only loving what you do makes things easier for yourself, it could also help your customers.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is not a secret that SEO is the heart and soul of web marketing, SEO is the ultimate web marketing solution. After putting all your hard work in you business, this would be the culmination of everything that you have done. This process would be the bridge that would connect your business to your customers. A good product or service would not be worth anything if people does not know about it. If you are knowledgeable in the field of SEO, you may want to do it yourself or you may consider getting the services of web marketing solutions company or SEO firms if you do not have that much time to spare and have a budget for it. Whatever the case is, SEO is a very important process that you need to do in order to be successful in your online business.

Always remember that if you work hard and persevere, success would be yours. You just need to be more mindful of what you do that would affect your business. Also, beware of web marketing solutions that are unethical and SEO companies that promises overnight success as instead of helping you save time and money, those claims would just cost you more.

Web Marketing Solutions for Small Business

This article sets out several Web marketing solutions – presenting the pros and cons of various complementary Web marketing activities.

5 Complementary Web Marketing Activity Combinations

  1. Article and Video Marketing (my favorite)
  2. PPC and Facebook Ads (paid advertising)
  3. Affiliate Programs
  4. Social Media Campaigns
  5. Blogging, bookmarking, and organic SEO

I started with blogging and organic SEO. Once I started ranking very well, I added article marketing. Recently, I ventured into video marketing. If I were to do it again, I would have started article marketing earlier.

My core activities are complementary – they focus on publishing content. I leverage that content by publishing it in my business blog, in EzineArticles, and then creating videos from that content.

That said, I’ve also dabbled in PPC, Facebook Ads, and social media campaigns. I like publishing content the most; consequently I did this consistently and did it better.

I’ll briefly set out the pros and cons of each combination of Web marketing activities.

  1. Article and Video Marketing


  • You can do it for free
  • If done well, builds credibility and can be very effective.
  • Can easily leverage the content.
  • Residual benefits – the published content works for your business indefinitely – as long as it remains published.
  • Relatively easily outsourced. You’ll need to be judicious who you hire. You tend to get what you pay for.
  • Huge leverage opportunity if other websites publish your articles and/or videos. Could go viral. This is the best-case scenario.
  • The backlinks can help your website’s organic SEO – especially if your content is syndicated.


  • It’s time consuming to create the content.
  • It takes a while to see results (especially compared to paid advertising).
  • May take a little while to get the right people doing it for you.
  • Scaling up takes a little while because you need to generate the content.
  1. PPC and Facebook Ads


  • Immediate results. You may have to test and tweak some, but you can get website visitors very, very quickly.
  • Easily scalable. If you want more traffic, pay more money.
  • Target as many keywords as you like immediately.
  • Quickly measurable. Because results are immediate, you can test and tweak very quickly.
  • Costs are variable in that you pay when you get desired action (i.e. click thrus to your website).
  • Fairly easy to outsource – you’ll want to shop around. There are many ineffective and/or costly PPC and Facebook consultants.


  • Costs money. In fact, if your target keywords become more competitive, you costs can rise.
  • Likely lower conversion rate on your business website because visitors are not pre-sold (like they are with content publishing).
  • If you don’t do organic SEO, you miss out on traffic from the organic search engine listings.
  1. Running an Affiliate Program

If you offer a product or service for which you can recruit affiliates to promote your business, then you could have a ready-made army of sales-people very quickly.

The key is having a very high converting sales funnel and offer excellent incentives to attract affiliate marketers.


  • You can build a massive Web presence very quickly if you attract a lot of affiliate marketers (or a few effective affiliate marketers).
  • Your costs are associated directly with sales or some form of action. In other words, the costs are attached to sales or some form of action that you pay commissions on.
  • High conversion rates if your affiliate marketers pre-sell your website visitors.
  • Improve organic SEO rankings with many incoming links from affiliate marketers (assuming some of them link to you via DoFollow links).
  • Residual benefits with the content your affiliates publish (assuming your affiliates don’t remove the published content).
  • Easy to hire an affiliate manager to run the operation.


  • Costs money. You share the revenues.
  • If you don’t recruit affiliates, you’ll have wasted time establishing an affiliate program.
  • Time investment in managing your affiliate program – working with affiliates, developing sales tools and resources, etc.
  • You’re dependent on the efforts of your affiliates. If they are not effective, you’ll not only lose them as affiliates, but you won’t make sales.
  • Legal issues may arise if your affiliates breach any regulations in promoting your products/services.
  1. Social Media Campaigns

I’m referring to Facebook, Twitter, online profiles, forum participation, blog posting, and other community participation activities.


  • Build trust among your community. You can establish credibility and expert status with ongoing contribution. If you succeed developing expert status, this can be extremely effective. Your products/services will sell well – in fact, you’ll create demand for your business specifically.
  • It’s a social activity, which may appeal to you.
  • No or low cost. You can build Facebook pages, use Twitter, comment on blogs, and join forums for no cost.


  • Requires ongoing participation. Once you stop, your presence dwindles.
  • Difficult to outsource. It’s you the community wants to dialogue with.
  • Not effective for every type of market. If your customers don’t participate in social media, then this approach may not be as effective.
  1. Blogging, Bookmarking, and Organic SEO

These three work well together. In fact, blogging results in organic SEO if you apply some simple on-site and off-site SEO techniques. When you write great content, it makes sense to get attention to it by bookmarking it with the prominent bookmarking services (Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.).


  • Blogging has the same pros as article marketing. The activity is the same – only the platform differs.
  • Bookmarking is a very quick way to get attention to your business. Be sure you bookmark truly interesting content. Don’t bookmark sales pages.
  • Organic SEO is free and can bring you a lot of business.


  • Blogging has the same cons as article marketing.
  • Social bookmarking is time-consuming and may not result in conversion. If you attract visitors because of an interesting article, those visitors may not be interested in what you have to offer. It’s difficult for some types of businesses to use social bookmarking that results in sales.
  • Organic SEO takes a long time to get results. If you outsource it, it can be very expensive. However, if you rank well in the search engines, the potential sales is huge.
  • Also with organic SEO, you must continue working on it to stay ahead of your competitors.

When choosing Web marketing solutions, consider the following:

  • If you’ll be doing it yourself, do you like the activity? If you hate writing, then article marketing isn’t for you unless you’re prepared to hire writers.
  • Know your market. Will you find them or they you through your chosen Web marketing activities? For instance, if your market doesn’t use Twitter, then there’s little point in using Twitter.
  • Don’t do something just because you heard it’s effective. This results in jumping from one activity to another. Pick and stick.

Web SEO Solution For Blogs

There are many reasons for blogging. But the primary uses of Blogs are as it is very useful factor to get better rankings in major search engines like Google yahoo and MSN. It is also being used to game Google adsense.

Search Engines Know blogs as it is very useful in getting new information and get updates regularly, they appreciate a lot of preference in the search results.

So how and from where you will start to optimize your blog?

It depends on the technique that how you make the most of it or we can say that how you develop it. But you have to start from some basic process. The major blogging sites are two one is word press and the other is blogger. As you want to get an advantage of SEO, you must use blogger as they are owned by Google, so that it will get you indexed very quickly.

There is no more difference between a site and a blog. The main control of a blog begins with the regularity of the posting. If the Search Engines observe a model of 3 postings every day, they will crawl that site very lively. But it also depends on the topic of the blog. You must be proficient to increase your blog in the search rank if it is connected to a latest topic on the Internet.

Then you should come to start authentic optimization.

As blogs have typically a small number of pages and no long, you just require to setup a few rules that you should have to apply with your site in a broad way.

o You should use an attractive title for your blog. It should be captivate to read more for the user.

o You should use the keywords of your blog in the title. But to do it always may be hard to you, but you should keep the title related to the topic of your blog it is very important for your blog.

o You should use h1 tag – all blog editors allow using it so there will not be a problematic to use it. You can make it more stylish with using h1 tag.