Employment Searches: How to Effectively and Confidentially Find New Careers

The Internet has improved the ease, speed, and range of the average job search. Unfortunately, it has also made it easier for anyone to access resumes and invade the privacy of the candidate posting their information online. Many people have struggled to get their information seen by the people they want without exposing their information to everyone. Luckily, solutions are now available for these common problems.

Attract More Interest

There are two things any candidate must do in order to get recruiters like FMWG to notice them. First, they need to have a resume page that highlights their education and experience. Including any volunteer experience, private interests and achievements or organization memberships is another way to entice employers or recruiters. This is easy enough. Next, the candidate must let recruiters know they are seeking additional employment to supplement their current work or their desire to find a new full-time position.

Meet New Connections

Opportunities rarely fall into the laps of people that are not actively seeking advancement. It is always a good idea to meet others that work within the same industry. Online groups on sites like LinkedIn connect people with similar skills, interests, and titles from around the globe. It is an opportunity to develop connections that could either improve an understanding of the industry or find new employment.

Avoid Employment Conflicts

Anyone that wishes to keep their current job, at least until something else is found, cannot randomly announce their availability. Social media sites typically only allow personal or private pages rather than a combination of each. This means that all information is either seen by only friends and family or it is available for the world to read. This is where LinkedIn is also valuable. They offer features that allow people to privately send notices only to recruiters when they are available.

Most employers understand the need for their workers to have a public profile. Many even require it today because it is a great way to share information. For job seekers, using these profiles needs to be done carefully to avoid any conflict at their current workplace.