Finding a Cheap SEO Solution

These days a successful business can not possibly hope to survive without an online presence. Even with a website, you will need to successfully utilize online marketing tools to get noticed by search engines who can help win you new customers. The trouble with using online marketing tools is that they are complicated, and the average person does not know how to correctly use them for proper search engine optimization (SEO). Luckily there are companies that specialize in search engine optimization, but they are expensive. Finding a good marketing company that excels in good SEO can be tricky, so a cheap SEO solution is just to educate yourself in how SEO works. There are a few things you need to know, the most important being keywords and back links. There are a million and one other tricks and tips you can use to increase your page rank, but focusing on keywords and back links are your best bet for success.

The most important part of search engine optimization is using good keywords. These are something a potential customer, or user of your site will be entering into the search engine to find your site. While no one really knows for sure what exactly makes up your page rank, SEO experts can agree on a few things to improve them using keywords. The most important thing is having the keyword in the name of the web site, if it is in the web address it is even better. From there having the keyword(s) in heading tags is great. Once you have exhausted that, you need to have some usage of the key word in the body of texts. It is important however that you use them conversationally as most search engines can pick up on “keyword stuffing” or cramming too many keywords into a page.

The next big piece of the SEO puzzle are back links. If “Location, Location, Location” is the key to real estate, “Back links, Back links, Back links” is the key to SEO. A back link is anytime an outside website links to your web site; it says “This site is worth looking at”. There are a number of ways to get these. Firstly, posting articles you have written on article directories is a great way to create back links. Another way is to trade them with complimentary services, for example a wedding photographer may trade links with a DJ. You can also pay for back links on some sites to help increase your page rank.

Once you have figured out how to properly use keywords and have a nice pile of back links you should start seeing your page ranked in the search engine. If not, do not fret. Just keep adding those back links and your site will surely start to climb and there are still a lot of other things you can do to improve that ranking. In addition there are a lot of online marketing tools that can help you find a cheap SEO solution, and now that you know how to properly use them, you should be much more successful.