SEO Solutions For Joomla

A newly developed site trying to achieve good visibility in search engines could well mean a lot of expenditure for the owner but in this article we are going to discuss some SEO solutions, which if implemented will help you in proper SEO optimization of your site.

We are going to look into important SEO techniques for Joomla sites which will work as SEO checklist for web developers and designers while developing a website.

Joomla is a very good CMS system for websites and you can make modifications in it for further search engine optimization of the site. Some of the modifications that are possible are:

  1. Improve output of Joomla Core through implementation of table less html in it.
  2. Modify content headings & making them SEO optimized such as H1, H2, H3.
  3. Creating file within template folder which override html output from Joomla Core.
  4. Override/modify title for web pages.
  5. Install/Add sitemap component.

Implementing Table-less HTML & Modifying Heading Tags

Joomla has Bees template folder within which the “html” folder exists. In this folder all core override files are present. Using these files web developers can modify html usage in the site. The Joomla code output can be changed using this custom core & allow you to change tags such as componentheading & contentheading to heading tags like H1 & H2 for optimized SEO website design. Table layouts can also be modified into DIV tags to implement table less site structure.

Modify Page Titles

Page titles can be changed from menu manager where is the tab named Parameters. The default page titles can be modified from here. There is opportunity to use “show page title” which adds the title as article page’s heading.

Install Sitemap Component

One vital SEO requirement is having sitemap on the site. In Joomla there are many components available to sitemap, one of which is Xmap. This component automatically searches for new pages created on the site and automatically removes all pages which have been deleted from the website.