Top Four Principles In Providing The Best Web SEO

Ethics in web SEO services remains an unappealing topic for those who are in dire need to rank their website or clients’ websites in the highest position in any search engine result pages. Some SEO service providers even practice shady strategies that can put the websites they are promoting in danger of being penalized by the search engines especially Google.

A few years ago, distributing spam to trick search engines can get any company into business quite immediately. Posting duplicate content, which involved copying and pasting of text from another website to fill your own website, worked almost the same. These two practices among others trash other websites for the sake of promoting your own website or your clients’ websites. In order to stop the rule of spammy links and dupe contents, Google established measures that would keep SEO from hoaxing the search engine system.

If you want your business to stay online for a long time, be sure to practice only the ethical SEO services in solving your clients’ SEO needs. Whether or not you have tried some unethical SEO tricks before, you can now start performing website optimization the right way with the following concepts.


As you get hired to do SEO for a certain business, you should strive to develop an open relationship with its owner. Seeing the latter as a business partner and not only a client can be a good start for this.

Keep in mind that your clients should be able to access you anytime they need to. This means replying to their emails or returning their calls the in the soonest possible time. Otherwise, they would feel unimportant and may withdraw from your services without any notice.


Inform your client everything he needs to know. Besides sharing your information about your company and the products and services you offer, let him know point blank what you can and cannot do among the things he desires to achieve for his website. No one wants to be promised anything that will never happen. Your monthly stipend comes from your client so do not give him false expectations.


This is somehow related to being transparent. ¬†Ethical Web SEO services would mean taking a truthful evaluation of your client’s website and letting your client know the real score. This practice can help you keep your best aims in mind. Identify the cause of his website issues. Then offer appropriate solutions or market opportunities and strategically build an action plan from there. Such upfront facts may not what your client would want to hear from you. However, if they sense the sincerity in your words, they would recognize you and your services to be of great authority.


Always aim to get your clients scalable solutions to their problems apart from giving them great results. Scalable solutions when consistently applied allow your clients to reap continuous rewards.

From this will spring forth a mountable pattern that clients can observe on their own even with less assistance from you or none at all. It may sound the end to your business, but such deed can show much integrity on your part. Consequently, clients would never think of breaking away from your services anymore.