Web SEO Solution For Blogs

There are many reasons for blogging. But the primary uses of Blogs are as it is very useful factor to get better rankings in major search engines like Google yahoo and MSN. It is also being used to game Google adsense.

Search Engines Know blogs as it is very useful in getting new information and get updates regularly, they appreciate a lot of preference in the search results.

So how and from where you will start to optimize your blog?

It depends on the technique that how you make the most of it or we can say that how you develop it. But you have to start from some basic process. The major blogging sites are two one is word press and the other is blogger. As you want to get an advantage of SEO, you must use blogger as they are owned by Google, so that it will get you indexed very quickly.

There is no more difference between a site and a blog. The main control of a blog begins with the regularity of the posting. If the Search Engines observe a model of 3 postings every day, they will crawl that site very lively. But it also depends on the topic of the blog. You must be proficient to increase your blog in the search rank if it is connected to a latest topic on the Internet.

Then you should come to start authentic optimization.

As blogs have typically a small number of pages and no long, you just require to setup a few rules that you should have to apply with your site in a broad way.

o You should use an attractive title for your blog. It should be captivate to read more for the user.

o You should use the keywords of your blog in the title. But to do it always may be hard to you, but you should keep the title related to the topic of your blog it is very important for your blog.

o You should use h1 tag – all blog editors allow using it so there will not be a problematic to use it. You can make it more stylish with using h1 tag.